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  • Last winter I was in an unfortunate situation... I had a landlord who sprung a no smoking policy on me out of nowhere, and who also didn't want me oil painting in the house. This left me smoking and painting in the same 200 sq. ft. room in the garage that was all that could be heated. Now the oil paint mostly puts off tiny amounts of evaporating linseed or safflower oil (the rest polymerizes) and aside from the smell isn't a big deal, and I wash brushes with soap and water so no flinging gallons of turpentine around the room like Bob Ross to contend with... Smoking in the small room would have been impossible without this filter running 24/7... BUT on top of all of that, the garage had a black mold problem and remnants of fiberglass insulation and god knows what engine greases and oils... A harmless looking slightly sticky patch on the floor by the main door actually ate through the bottom of a plastic jug of calcium additive for the garden, if that says anything. The filter made things tolerable out there but really could just barely handle the combined mess and I finally got out from under the landlord so I won't be dying of lung problems until later... Problem solved, and now I had an air filter to easily take care of the one room I smoke in inside which has good air circulation besides... Except unfortunately the plastic of the base unit had picked up too much of the garage smell (oddly not the smoke smell) even after a filter change and cleaning as good as I could, given that the plastic grill is impossible to clean entirely, with water + isopropyl alcohol and I had to let it sit around for several months before it was able to be used again. I docked one star because you'd expect the unit itself to be coated with or made out of something that odors wouldn't cling to. That said the smells are gone and it works again, although I don't need to run it very often now that there's airflow where I'm doing my smoking and painting (thankfully no longer in the same room).
  • I have a few of the top brand store cleaners and this one is the best for me. The ease of use, remote capabilities and of course the cleanliness of the air.
  • My doctor recommended I get one of these because of my sever allergies this year. I originally bought the smaller one, but needed one for another room. I saw this and love it because I can program it to run on the VeSync app that I already use for other things in my house. I set it to turn on full speed in the afternoon and turn off before bed time. We are never in the room during those hours. Then I set it to run again while we sleep on night mode and turn off before we are awake. It keeps my bedroom clean and never interferes with us. All set on a time via the app! I love it!
  • Es un producto de necesidad diaria para mi familia y que en mi opinión en comparación con otros que he tenido en este es evidente mente de mejor calidad ofreciendo a simple viste más seguridad y comodidad.
  • perfect for my 1yr old and can easily get on min 5yrs with the quality I got
    bala********s p
  • Love it. Ingenious basket and easy to clean. Time and energy saver.

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